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Let us tell you a little bit about us here at Charlie Mike Military Apparel. My name is Raul, U.S. Army Retired, combat veteran born in Houston,Tx but raised in Pearland, TX. After 9/11, I knew that I was going to enlist in the U.S Army. I served ten years for this beautiful country of ours. I’ve gone through my own battles dealing with an addiction to pain pills after injuring my back, and a few other injuries as well as severe depression and PTSD. Overcoming this has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. I always felt like no one understood me and like I was completely alone. However, I realized that wasn’t the case. I knew at that moment I wanted to try my hardest to make sure no one else ever felt the way I did. One thing that had a big impact on me was music. Specifically one singer who makes music about his battles in life and PTSD and adjusting back into the civilian world. Jeff a.k.a Soldier Hard’s music helped me through some pretty tough times. I listened to a song of his named Charlie Mike on repeat for hours one night and in all honesty that’s how Charlie Mike Military Apparel was born. Our mission being just to give back to our Veteran brothers and sisters support our communities and be there for all our first responders. We always said that if we saved only one veteran from committing suicide all the hours and hard work we’ve spent on making Charlie Mike what it is will be well worth it. Not many people know this but We receive emails text messages and calls from veterans all around the world. All we do is listen and a lot of times that’s all the veteran wants is a person to understand and someone that won’t judge him or her and not to feel alone. We also pass along a lot of information to where they can receive help from a professionals as well. As we continue to grow we will never lose sight of who we are and what our purpose is. 22 Too Many.

Side note- I’m far from perfect I’ve done a lot of wrong and I will never pretend to be someone I’m not.

Know you are not alone.
Charlie Mike

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